Websites | Logo is the brain child of a Dallas real estate developer turned coffee connoisseur. Gordon Ip travels the world and writes reviews sharing his experiences at coffee shops all over. As you might assume, building 150 million dollar luxury high rises can become extremely stressful. Gordon is loving called Gornado, as in tornado, by his employees when stress levels become very high.

Gordon is a really sophisticated and understated guy. The Gornado logo was designed to be subtle, modern, and clever. In replacing the first O with a top view of an espresso cup, we were able to turn the tornado in to foam art but still keep a clean non cartoony feel.  The website was designed to showcase the amazing photos Gordon takes during his adventures and convey the pleasing warm feeling you get while drinking an delicious espresso.

Design Items Include:

Website (WordPress)  |  Logo Design  |  Business Cards  |  Custom Coaster Design

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